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About Arty Face by Luz

Hi, I'm Luz. Welcome to my website.


I was born in  Colombia South America.  I graduated from "Libre University"  with a degree in Business Management.


I moved to Tampa, Florida in 2001.  I am a Visual Artist who loves Oil Media and Face Art.  I paint murals at Restaurants, Pediatrician Offices and using various kinds of motives for home décor, like kid’s bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

I fell in love with face painting while I was at an art festival, selling my oil paintings.  I asked my husband to go home and bring my face painting kit that I used to paint my daughter and her friends at their birthday parties.


After I painted the first face, I immediately fell in love with the children’s smiles as they saw their painted face in the mirror.  I love to create walking beautiful pieces of art and the joy that it gives to  everyone.



In 2010 I decided to become a Professional Face Artist.  I participated at the Face and Body art International Convention (FABAIC ) in Orlando, Florida.  Since then I have also attending different workshops and conventions listed below :


The World Bodypainting Festival 2011,  Poertschach, Austria.

Jamvention, Arcen, Netherlands 2012

FABAIC, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 2013

Balloon Jam, Orlando, FL. 2014

FABAIC, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 2014

FABAIC, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 2015

FABAIC, Orlando , Fl. 2017

FABAIC, Orlando , Fl. 2019

I only use the highest quality paints and products for Face and Body Art approved by FDA in the US and EUROPE


In 2011 I decided to start my business "Arty Faces". The name reflects my passion for oil portraits and face painting.


I am just as excited now as I was from the very beginning about my love for Face, Body Art and Oil Paintings.   I continue to train and develop my skills by regularly attending workshops and courses, domestic as well as foreign artists.

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