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Safety Always Comes First!

We always use extreme care when painting!


We only use FDA and EU compliant cosmetic grade face paint products. Paints and paint brushes are cleaned after every event. I am highly trained, licensed, fully insured and background checked.


Strict hygiene rules are followed for all equipment.


Arty Faces by Luz wants to keep you safe! We will not paint on skin which presents with sunburn, rash, sores, wounds, or inflammation. We will  not paint on faces with conjunctivitis, runny noses or other evidence of upper respiratory infection. Arm or hand painting will be offered as a substitue so no one feels left out!


The health and safety of the children is  most important for us, so we practice highest safety and hygiene standards, using  a Clean Sponge for every kid, and the sponges are cleaned and sanitized after every event.


For the record...
Face paint is not actually paint. Water-based face and body paints are really cosmetics made according to stringent standards using only FDA approved ingredients. Non-toxic and  non-allergenic, water-based face paints are easily removed with soap and water, occasionally a faint residue remains, simply apply moisturizer or baby/olive oil and wipe the face.


Anyone with very sensitive skin should have a "patch test" done at the beginning of an event.


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